Artist: We’ve Been Dropped
Title: Acid Caracas
Label: Music Is Freedom
By: Simon Jones | 30 August 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Smight Mix

We’ve Been Dropped "Acid Caracas"

Out Now on Music Is Freedom

Originally released in Italy as the b-side to the We've Been Dropped single 'Some Bat In Rio' on Dubtronic Recordings, 'Acid Caracas' makes it's way across the Paolo Mojo's Music Is Freedom imprint for a full release in it's own right. The duo behind the project are none other than Dino Lenny and Rob Aker (who also work together as Jamnesia), and Paolo Mojo has been such a fan of the track for some time that he felt it had in some ways been overlooked and set out to put this right, enlisting Smight to update the track. That my friends is the story so far, and here's how it goes from here..

Wasting no time, on goes the 'Original Mix' which kicks off in a mish mash of kickdrums and loops, creating a bouncy, hypnotic groove to get things underway. This soon subsides to reveal a subtle synth melody which floats haphazardly through the beats, building towards a slight drop where additional melodies enter the fray. As the beats impact upon the groove more, the melody takes over, filling every crevice of this upbeat and groovy track, which just reeks of tight production that has become a trademark of Dino Lenny's over the years.

Leaving Smight loose may seem like a crazy idea, but his 'Ghost In The Machine Mix' reconstructs the track via use of quirky breakbeat loops percussive layers. A sped up eerie vocal sample rambles on within the heart of the mix, no doubt reflecting the ghost of the title. Building to the main section, the drums pick up and the main melody is accompanied by some impressive string action which remains until the end. Cinematic oddness from the sheriff, but oh so addictive.

A fun and funky release from Music Is, which should turn a few people onto this sometimes overlooked imprint, and with a diverse range of material lined up for the coming months, will hopefully get more recognition.

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