Artist: Voltique
Title: Forward Naked EP
Label: Love Triangle Music
By: Simon Jones | 19 March 2007
  • A1: Forward Naked
  • B1: Nightflight
  • B2: Bottom

Voltique "Forward Naked EP"

Out Now on Love Triangle Music

Voltique's debut came in 2004, with the release of the 'Whoop' on renowned label Get Physical. This relationship has continued since, with DJ Joxe Hegner & Sebastian Silber's main musical output being on the label, with appearances on their 2nd anniversary compilation as well as the second volume of their ongoing 'Full Body Workout' series. Whilst further Voltique appearances have been via remixes for such labels as No Future and artists that include Markus Lange and Morgan Page, it's not until now that a follow up EP of original work has emerged - now doing so as the 'Forward Naked' becomes the fourth release on Williams' outstanding Love Triangle Music label.

The title track 'Forward Naked' takes pride of place on the a-side of the record, a splendid piece of click house, a heavy and gratifying bassline providing the nucleus of this minimalist masterpiece. The arrangement of the track makes great use of its melodies and fills, with a wavering percussive line piecing all the elements together perfectly.

The b-side features 'Nightflight' and 'Bottom', two tracks that provide a variation on the same theme, both sharing the same analogue riff, the former taking the late night route with it's delayed beats and swirling effects and lots of reverb, whilst the latter sees a grinding, rumbling bassline lead the way, offset by trickling melodies and an intoxicating melody riff that is teased and looped until the lead takes charge for the final surge.

The 'Forward Naked EP' may seem like a continuation of previous work for long-time Voltique fans, and whilst that to some extent may be true, the tracks presented here are a lot clearer, more structured and altogether more imaginative than their predecessors, making it yet another essential release from one of the best new label upstarts to emerge over the last few years.

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