Artist: Vinny Troia
Title: Expression
Label: Curvve Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 30 January 2005
  • A1: Original Lounge Mix
  • A2: Abe Duque Mix
  • B1: Neil Kolo Mix
  • B2: Original Club Mix

Vinny Troia "Expression"

Out Now on Curvve Recordings

Vinny Troia may be a name you're not too familar with. He's a resident of New York City, a DJ and producer, as well as the label owner of Curvve Recordings. His discography has been growing with releases out on Sinster, Oval, Harlem Trax and his own imprint, and with some great upcoming remixes of Steve Porter and Joi Caldwell, he's sure to step up even more. 'Expression' is great release with plenty of mixes to choose from. The Lounge mix has some sweet chords, Abe Duque lends his techy acid hand, while Neil Kolo takes things deep and dark and the Original Club mix finishes off the package.

The 'Original Lounge Mix' starts in with some good tribal beats. Nice chord stabs bring in the movement, while a low groovy house beat works the bottom end. A deep house vibe sets in while female spoken words lay over the top of the music. Tribal drums are added soon after, giving the song a bit of a boost and keeping it moving. This is a really nice deep house tune for those warmer moments.

'Abe Duque' has been on fire lately. His tunes have been showing up in charts all over the world, and he has become a favorite of the Balance Record Pool. Abe mixes up 'Expression' into a tweaky acid tune with a plodding bassline. Tech house beats start off with claps and high hats taking the focus. Tribal sounds kick in shortly after, and a stealth-like bassline plods along moving quickly like a fast car in the middle of the night. Lots of change ups and twists and turns, lets the acid take the focus, while the bass grooves underneath and the spoken words fall within the beats. After a good build, the bassline and acid fall away and the beats just sit alone. A low gargly bass steps in and the chords lay on top ending the tune wtih a very cool but strange mix of deep house with techy acidness.

The work of 'Neil Kolo' has earned him high acclaim from various DJ's in the progressive community. His progressive sound lies between deep and dark to spaced out and trippy, and he's definately on form once again here. Thick hard hitting beats start in, as a ringing tone builds up from the bottom and goes off into a big grooving middle. Gnarly bass steps in and growls at the chords as they play with the beats. The vocals have been cut and delayed and fall discreetly within the music. Analog electro sounds come in taking the focus off the gnarly bass and dropping down into a quick break which makes room for stomping chords that lift up and float along the tune until it fades off.

And finally, the 'Original Mix' features the galloping groove and a great bouncy bassline that should work on floors perfectly. Great chugging beats build quickly, adding layers of high hats and techy beats. Claps join in while a housey sound sets in. The main hook goes off and climbs up bringing the tune into a bubbling housey frenzy, while the vocals dip in and keeps the song rolling along until it mellows down at the end.

'Expression' is quite possibly the best release to date for Currve Recordings. Whilst the original versions are fairly generic, it's the additional remixes that bring some worth to this release, and the featuring of Abe Duque in particular should ensure it some attention.

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