Artist: Various Artists
Title: Thinking Out Loud (Album Sampler One)
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 2 September 2004
  • A: Matthew Dekay - If I Could Fly (Madoka First Class Free Drinks Rerub)
  • B: Shmuel Flash - The Other Side Of Me (The Other Side Of Subsky Mix)

"Thinking Out Loud (Album Sampler One)"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

Taken from Steve Gerrard's new compilation 'Thinking Out Loud' comes this first of two limited edition album samplers, and this first features two tracks that are without a doubt both standouts on the album. Matthew Dekay's 'If I Could Fly' was originally released on Deep Records with a big room 4/4 mix by New York's Madoka, but here his devastating breakbeat interpretation is made available for the first time. If that wasn't enough, the exclusive Subsky rework of Shmuel Flash's 'The Other Side Of Me' graces the other side of the 12", in what will be it's only appearance on vinyl.

Some of you may have thought that the initial 'Madoka' remix of Matthew Dekay's 'If I Could Fly' was the best he could do, but this 'First Class Free Drinks Rerub' will leave you questioning if that was the case. Sticking to a similar big room template as it's 4/4 counterpart, this rugged and dirty remix is every bit as impressive, with a massive bassline driving the groove forward. The usual big hooks and snares are submerged into the layered beats that rip over the top and when all is said and done this is a devastating peak time remix, that for Madoka's first foray into breakbeat, is very impressive indeed.

Having done the rounds on cdr for a while, Shmuel Flash's 'The Other Side Of Me' caught the attention of Sasha and soon found its way onth the shelves courtesy of Nascent Recordings. Only released in it's original form, the track demanded a remix, and 'Subsky' put together the 'Other Side Of.. Mix' exclusively for the Thinking Out Loud compilation. Deeper and more refined than the original, a solid groove leads us through waves of sweeping synths and percussive stabs, and whilst the grandeur of the original is somewhat lost in the translation, its another well produced mix from one of Turkey's finest.

Two smoking joints available here for the first time on vinyl, and with the second sampler rumoured to include some material from Steve's Wrecked Angle project, both samplers look to be as essential to own as the compilation itself, so don't think for too long, or you'll miss out on playing this loud.

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