Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Pinkstar EP
Label: Proton Music
By: Jason Calvert | 7 October 2005
  • 1. Lonestar - Uno Ci Di
  • 2. Pinkbox Special - The French Dont Cry

"The Pinkstar EP"

Out Now on Proton Music

Derek Howell has flown up the ranks with blistering speed in recent times, with a solid back catalogue of singles and remixes to his credit, Proton showcase him here in two different outfits, both of which take their music in different directions and appeal in different ways.

First up Howell teams up with Joshua Michael for "Uno Di Ci", hot off the heels of their previous stunner "New Kicks". Dark percussion and a haunting bass section build up a solid foundation, into which trippy effects and twisted sounds make themselves comfortable. Some background vocal whispers build on this atmosphere, and a contrasting melody completes the track and gives it a very polished feel.

The next outing is a lighter one, teaming up with Peter Martin to form Pinkbox Special for "The French Don't Cry", which has been receiving play for quite a substantial amount of time, and was a favourite for Markus Schulz at one stage. A mellow atmosphere is created by shifting focus towards the mid ranges of the composition, leaving very little in the lower ranges. The melody is surrounded by a peaceful aura, and this truly shows that no matter which direction Howell wants to take his music, he can make it work. An excellent track for the morning after!

Two solid tracks here which have been selling in great numbers amongst digital stores, and it is not hard to see why. Howell's music has a depth to it which is highly enticing, and when teaming up with Joshua Michael and Peter Martin, this talent is only taken to new heights and given a different sense of direction. Unsurprisingly another excellent Proton release!

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