Artist: Various Artists
Title: Secret Planet 002
Label: Secret Planet
By: Simon Jones | 1 June 2004
  • X: ??? - ???
  • Y: ??? - ???

"Secret Planet 002"

Out Now on Secret Planet

Hot on the heels of the Secret Planet 001 sampler comes this mysterious second part of the trilogy featuring two more tracks from some of the scene's brightest new stars. Whilst one of them has had several releases in the past, it's only recently that they've found a direction that has been earning themselves some recognition, whilst the duo who provide the flipside track are new pretenders to the throne, climbing onto the first rung of the ladder with their debut release presented here in all it's glory.

'Side X' is a superb electronic track, it's intricate percussive layers setting to work from the early going and developing into a solid groove that will slowly take over the dancefloor whilst it's deep melodic hooks fill the air above. The retro influence of this track does not take away from it's appeal at all, with it's old school sounds adding to the overall mood of the track perfectly, whilst highlighting the advancement in skills of it's Canadian writer.

'Side Y' takes us back to the UK via a journey through downtempo breaks. Awesome panning effects and atmospheric fills combine to create an evocative and moody introduction that soon fades away to rugged beat arrangements and a melody line that cuts with precision through the rocking groove. Watch as this little beauty carves a niche in your mind, and lures you into the darkness with it's stunning effects.

There's not much more to say about these two tracks, other than making sure if you see the mysterious Secret Planet 002 12" on your record store shelf, you should make a beeline for it and check it out, but I'm sure your curiousity has already made you contemplate doing so, hasn't it?

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