Artist: Various Artists
Title: Fade Records Audio Tour (Sampler)
Label: Fade Records
By: Chloe Harris | 14 July 2004
  • A: The Alley Qats - Talk To Me Goose
  • B: Motive Feat Abagale Fischer - A.B.E. (Real 128 Mix)

"Fade Records Audio Tour (Sampler)"

Out Now on Fade Records

Hot off the release of Chris Fortier's lovely Audio Tour compilation on Fade Records, we get a sampler of two of the tracks showcasing the new sound of Fade. The deep grindy sounds of 'Talk To Me Goose' by the Alley Qats, backed by an exclusive mix of Motive's forthcoming crunchy breaks track, 'A.B.E', which will be released later this summer on the label.

Two very talented Texans are up first on the Audio Tour sampler. The Alley Qats, better known as Derek Howell and Peter Martin have had a crazy year so far. Their tunes have been caned by the biggest names in the business, and have been picked up by various labels. 'Talk To Me Goose' has been a stalwart in Chris Fortier's sets for a while and delves deep into a world of deep grindy bass, haunting voices, and sweet guitar riffs. A hard kick stomps in, followed by thunderous drops and clanging toms and high hats, which starts things off nicely. A vocal is introduced and washes over the meaty beats, while a low bass grumbles underneath making its way into a bouncy thick groove. Mellowing down, the sounds fall into a minimal kick and are reduced as the downtempo break hits, and a horn-sounding guitar is introduced and rings through the open atmosphere. The beat chugs slowly allowing the bass to get even dirtier and to introduce a new acid line. Building back into a solid kick drum, the guitar follows and floats along the crunchy beats.

Tom Anderson and Mark Hunt hail from lovely sunny Florida and form the duo Motive. Influenced by the house sound in the early 90s, both started creating music while going out to some of the most legendary nights in Orlando. Their first release 'A.B.E', features the vocal talents of Abagale Fischer, backed with a crunchy breaks and a driving middle section. There are plenty of edits, drum rolls, and quick changes that keeps the beat moving, while the bassline slowly moves underneath. Flute type synth sounds join the beats and bounce along with a nice melody, while Abagale's sassy feverish voice dominates the tune till the end. At just over five minutes, this song seems to cut short, but leaves us wanting more.

The new sounds and artists that Fade is signing are leading into something wonderful. Motive's 'A.B.E' will appear as a remix 12" featuring versions by Grayarea, amongst others, while the Alley Qats are set to take on the world with their many different aliases and releases coming soon.

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