Artist: Various Artists
Title: Bedrock: Layered Sounds 2
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Chad Harnish | 30 September 2005
  1. Terry Grant Feat Jennifer Horne - I'll Kill You (Softly)
  2. Voyager - The March
  3. Yunus Guvenen - Open Arms
  4. Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff Feat Astrid Suryanto - All I Know (Astrid's Downtempo Version)
  5. Luke Chable - Melburn (Am Bee En Tea Mix)
  6. Yunus Guvenen - Indigo
  7. Voyager - Downtown Bubble
  8. Steiger - Postcard From The Edge (Ambient Mix 2)
  9. Jiva - Strange Dimensions (Downey Mix)
  10. Terry Grant Feat Jennifer Horne - I'll Kill You (John Debo Ambient Mix)

Various Artists "Bedrock: Layered Sounds 2""Bedrock: Layered Sounds 2"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Layered Sounds 2 is the 4th in the Bedrock Records compilation series, following on from the Foundations series and then Layered Sounds 1.

"…I think [Layered Sounds 2] is the best in the series so far because the quality of the music and the diversity and depth of the label has never been better." - John Digweed

Ambient and chill-out albums have always been a personal favorite of mine, so I feel I have authority when I say this. Disk 1 of Layered Sounds 2, the chill down set, is exceptional. Not since Solar Stone’s “Chilled Euphoria” has a downtempo set stayed in my player for so long.

With all of the tracks taken directly from the Bedrock catalogue, disk one includes a collection of rare and unreleased gems including 2 exclusive tracks performed by the distinguished producer Voyager.

Among the stand out tracks, Terry Grant’s “I’ll Kill You” deserves a special mention. It is included twice in two forms namely the ‘Softly’ mix and the ‘John Debo Ambient Mix.’ The ‘Softly’ mix has a masterful lounge sound to it. Think of Kruder & Dorfmeister’s lounge music. The second mix is as it is billed. Pure John Debo Ambient. It is lush and sensual.

One mix of “I’ll Kill You” starts the disc and the other closes it. If you are not paying attention, and leave the disk in your player on repeat, you would be treated to a never ending journey. Truly a brilliant thing for those lazy rainy days.

Another outstanding track is Astrid’s Downtempo of Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff’s “All I Know.” This track seeps of emotion and depth with Astrid Suryanto on vocals and remix duty. The rhythm and beats feel lounge inspired, the music hints at somber, and the vocals are soulful.

Yunus Guvenen has donated two tracks to the Layered Sounds 2 cause. His first contribution, “Open Arms” sifts in at track 3. It is exactly 3 tracks later that we hear “Indigo,” his second. It is my personal favorite of the two and is composed of feather light percussion, rolling waves of lazy synths and soothing snippets of vocals.

Following Yunus is Voyager with “Downtown Bubble” which is quite an exceptional track. This is the second of Voyager’s two exclusive tracks. The deep slow break beat the track is founded upon is smooth. Towards the start of the track these crazy dark synths cover the track in dark emotion and it turns my head every time I hear it. “Downtown Bubble” does however conclude on a brighter note.

The ‘Downy Mix’ of Jiva’s “Strange Dimensions” is quite possibly the best track on the compilation. Sultan & Digital Witchcraft give this Bedrock classic the downtempo treatment infused with the best elements from their solo recordings. Ambience is created from Sultan’s trademark guitar sounds and blended together with Digital Witchcraft’s skills with melody, “Strange Dimensions” sets new standards for chill. Keep a watch on this duo as Soul Tan and Ned Shepard are set to take on a new alias.

I hope more chill disks of this caliber continue to be released.

Disk 2 of Layered Sounds 2 is absolutely pumping and provides an outstanding counter balance to disk 1. With artists including Max Graham, Pole Folder, Grayarea and even Bedrock themselves, it really gets across the diversity of the music Bedrock Records is known for.

Fretwell’s remix of Bedrock’s “Forge” starts off disk two and gives a smooth transition from the calms of disk one to the strong beats of the second. For the first twenty minutes, this second disk rests on progressive breaks.

Bedrock delivers twice in the break driven intro and KVK once with “Reality Theory.” Greyarea hammer home “Emerald” with their Speakeasy mix. It is truly an incredible remix of this already brilliant song.

Next up, Randall Jones drives a hard beat through Astro & Glyde’s “Amiless Dame.” Dousk’s counters and relaxes the tempo quite a bit with “Pa Dida”. This track brings back memories of the first disk, making it the perfect addendum to the complete Layered Sounds 2.

Later, Derek Howell brings intensity to the mix with “Happy to be Sad.” The track is blessed with high spirit and emotion as is POP & Taylor’s Northern Light’s mix of “Aura.” The latter however has a much harder hitting punch.

Breaks evolve back into the mix a few tracks later with Steiger’s Florida breaks infused mix of “Postcards from the Edge.” Weird Continental Types follow the breaks trend with “Phat As.” This track absolutely destroys.

Refusing to wind down, Nick Muir amps up Pole Folder’s “Salvation on Slavery” for the second to last track. This track is gritty, deep and hard. It makes a great introduction for the climactic Guy Gerber vs. Max Graham. Max Graham on remix duties takes Guy Gerber’s “Stoppage Time” to new highs to close out the Layered Sounds 2 series.

Bedrock’s Layered Sounds 2 shows the true power a DJ can wield with a crate full of Bedrock. This compilation is highly recommended.

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