Artist: Various Artists
Title: Audio Therapy Spring / Summer Edition 2006
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 27 June 2006
  1. Group Therapy - Thumbsucker
  2. Paul Jackson - Souls
  3. Attic Feat Julie Thompson - Last Goodbye (Lexicon Avenue Instrumental Mix)
  4. Bedrock - Santiago (Group Therapy Mix)
  5. Sean Quinn & Andy Page - SQAP (Habersham 'Fear Monster 3000' Mix)
  6. Killahurtz Vs Rekelektrik - Don't Walk Away (Vocal Mix)
  7. Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy - Faith Again (Osamu M Mix)
  8. Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler - Phatter Laces
  9. Nick & John Dalagelis - R2 Units Gone Wild

Various Artists "Audio Therapy Spring / Summer Edition 2006""Audio Therapy Spring / Summer Edition 2006"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy label has always prided itself on pushing new artists alongside the established, giving some of the up and coming talent from across the globe chance to stand side by side with the old guard of the underground scene. With 30 releases under it's belt, the label become one of the most established in a short period of time. This has been further cemented with album concepts as the Therapy Sessions mix compilations and the Across Borders LPs, an unmixed album series which places the spotlight upon artists from different countries throughout the globe.

Yes, there's no doubt that Audio Therapy is one of the rare labels that has not only contributed to the development of many artists within the underground scene, but is also a label that has been forward thinking enough to make their music available in a number of formats so that DJs and music fans alike can purchase it. Continuing on with this idea, they now present the start of a new series with this latest album project, the 'Audio Therapy Spring / Summer Sampler'

Like the 'Across Borders' albums, the 'Spring / Summer 2006 Edition Sampler' features full and unmixed versions of all the tracks included, some which are exclusive to the CD, whilst others are unreleased versions or non single versions of current and forthcoming releases on the Audio Therapy and Therapy Music imprints, all of which are exclusive to the CD.

Led by the energetic Group Therapy track 'Thumbsucker' which has been a staple of Dave Seaman's sets recently, the sampler brings together a range of diverse artists, with house heads like Paul Jackson and Lexicon Avenue standing alongside Alan Bremner and Andy Page, both of whom bring new material to the CD with their Attic and SQAP projects respectively.

Throw in an exclusive Group Therapy remix of recent Bedrock single 'Santiago', tracks from Killahurtz and Oliver Moldan, plus a preview of the upcoming single from newcomers Nick & John Dalagelis, and once again, Audio Therapy have produced a quality album of material that highlights the strong lineup the label has at the moment, and with a new Across Borders compilation, a third Therapy Sessions mix compilation, and an Autumn / Winter sample to come later in the year, and it seems that 2006 could be Audio Therapy's strongest year yet.

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