Artist: Various Artists
Title: Noisian EP
Label: Planet Noise
By: Simon Jones | 19 February 2003
  • A1: Laminim & Cottonhead - Turn My Head
  • A2: Ost & Kjeks - Cheeses And The Mary Jane
  • B1: Bermuda Triangle - Juliuss
  • B2: Gork - Mr Zenit

"Noisian EP"

Out Now on Planet Noise

Planet Noise is a label that pushes ideas past the conventional 'label' boundaries. Through its pay per download system it has developed a cult following with artists such Bermuda Triangle and Gork being two of the more well known ones. Already Bermuda Triangle's 'Mooger Fooger' has been featured on John Digweed's MMII cd and is soon set to be re-released on Hooj's Airtight label with new mixes. All this has helped Planet Noise to develop further and now to capatalise on this they release the 'Noisian EP' which showcases some of the other artists on the labels.

Starting off the party in fine fashion we have Laminim and Cottonhead with 'Turn My Head', starting off with a deep house groove that soon develops a funky edge, with a foot tapping beat that will draw you in slowly but surely. The vocal doesn't really go for a standard structure and slots in to the groove like a glove. Excellent work from this duo who produced the remixes for the original release of 'Mooger Fooger' many months ago.

Things get more offbeat with the broken beat and squelchy acid sounds of 'Cheeses And The Mary Jane' of two of Planet Noise's other inhabitants. A rough kick drum runs underneath the ticking groove, which moves along like the hand of a compass spinning from one point to the next. Very odd in build but the track has some intriguing appeal to it. Ground control to Major Prog.. we have lost transmission.

Bermuda Triangle follow up 'Mooger Fooger' with the equally as silly titled 'Juliuss'. From the moment the 'come along children, we're going to have a little music, like old times' intro slips us into an organ based downtempo breaks-esque groove you wonder what else this EP is going to throw up. The operatic vocal within this track adds a large amount of depth and emotion to the already enchanting bassline. Not only does this live up the standard set by 'Mooger Fooger' but serves as a taste for the eagerly anticipated debut album from the trio of Noa, Art and Igor.

The final track coems from Gork who introduces us to Mr Zenit. Starting with a soft ethnic flavour, a broken beat style percussion line rides underneath smokey sax and whistling bird samples before the electro bassline flickers away in the backdrop like a the 1's and 0's of a binary instruction calcuating a mathematical equation. Picking up pace as we continue, a slight dnb influence slips in and keeps you on your toes. A perfect showcase of what to expect on the Gork album, set to be released shortly.

With Bermuda Triangle having gained recognition thanks in part to DJs such as John Digweed and James Zabiela, this has helped to turn attention onto the other inhabitants of Planet Noise. This EP showcases just a small number of the great artists the label houses, so be sure to check out the new tracks on as they are added, and be sure to pick up this EP to get a flavour as to what the label is all about.

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