Artist: Various Artists
Title: Mechanism Dubs
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 December 2003
  • A: Alex & Tommy Boy - Haw (Luke Chable Dub)
  • B: Duel Feat Candyman - Psycho Friend (Jas Dub)

"Mechanism Dubs"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

The Mechanism imprint may have passed the baton to the new label Formerly Known As, but before the bow out, here come some unreleased mixes of some of their best releases, from some of the scene's well known names. This first 12" in the Dubs series brings mixes from Luke Chable and Jas.

The 'Luke Chable' mix of Alex & Tommy Boy's 'Haw' was a dark and dirty dancefloor bomb, and the 'Dub Mix' is more of the same, with the vocals stripped out, with the focus on the groove. It takes a while to get going, but when all the subtle sound and elements come in towards the later half of the track, the banging energy draws you right in and dazzles your senses like only Chable can.

The 'Jas Dub' of Duel's 'Psycho Friend' is quite different to the vocal version, with a more rhythm based arrange and an insistent groove that rolls along at the heart of the mix. A nice acid bassline keeps the pressure raised, but in many ways, the Underworld style vocal brought an extra edge to the track, and without it, there just feels like something is missing.

For those who disliked the vocal versions of such tracks, this pair of dancefloor friendly dubs will be a welcome release, but whilst the Jas Dub falls slightly short, Chable delivers the goods again, with a mix that still sounds fresh even though it was created several months ago.

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