Artist: V-Sag
Title: Thespian
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Andy Dixon | 31 October 2006
  • A: Andrew K Mix / Kasey Taylor Re-Edit
  • B: Original Mix

V-Sag "Thespian"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

For anyone that hasn’t been privileged to hear V-Sag's work before, you're in for a treat. 'I Wasn't Impressed Enough', 'Fossil', and 'Shot In The Dark' are just a few of the V-Sag's tracks that have helped build his name as one of most prolific producers of this year. This release, 'Thespian' on Vapour Recordings, is on par with his other successes this year, and also marks his debut release for the label.

The top billing on this release is Kasey Taylor's re-edit of Andrew K's remix, while the B side is V-Sag's original. The majority of credit however goes to V-Sag for creating all the elements in his original mix for a progressive masterpiece. Starting with the wavering swell of a didgeridoo, V-Sag crafts a slow build out of reversed strings and sweepy midrange harmonies. Heavy delays on an acoustic guitar melody and the "vocal" - a monosyllabic grunt - compels this into a meticulously plotted vision.

Andrew K (who collaborated with V-Sag on 'Fossil') and Taylor are no slouches on this release either as their converged remix and re-edit stir up the original's layers into their own interpretation. The main guitar layer is replaced with a higher frequency twiddle that chirps with fast fingers on the keyboard like early morning birds. The beat, didge, and sweeping undertones are run through a strainer and reverbed but for the most part still intact. It's a great adaptation of the original with a little more drive behind it for clubbier settings.

The building blocks of both tracks were created with methodical detail; perfectly sequenced and sewn together. V-Sag is one of the top producers of the year and 'Thespian' helps him act the part.

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