Artist: V-Sag
Title: The Cypriot Remixes
Label: Babylon Limited
By: Darren Rhys | 7 July 2006
  • A: Native Feat Ani - Believe In Me (V-Sag Mix)
  • B: Andrew K & Simuck - Mar De Oro (V-Sag Mix)

V-Sag "The Cypriot Remixes"

Out Now on Babylon Limited

Greece native Vasilis Sagonas, or 'V-Sag' to the progressive community, has been steadily making his mark on the scene for a number of years despite his relative youth. This comes thanks to a series of hypnotic original productions and remixes, boasting support from the likes of John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Dish and Dave Seaman.

'Believe In Me' showcases where V-Sag's strengths lie, defined in his own biography as a 'beautiful weave of melody, chords, effects, and percussion'. A relentless tribal rhythm alongside an infectious and groovy bassline carries proceedings along excellently, with an array of swirling synths accompanying the upfront vocal sounds of Ani. My only criticism of the track is that the vocal is perhaps a little too untreated and dominant, deterring from what is without doubt a stellar piece of house music.

'Mar De Oro' is a deep progressive house track, kicking off in melancholic fashion with a minor-key pad leading the way, before a wave of rolling percussive elements and rooted bassline descend upon us. This new-found groove is retained until the subtle introduction of an array of gently distorting synth lines lead us to the breakdown. A sequence of twinkling bell arpeggios are introduced, complimenting the bassline perfectly when the track springs back to life. The remainder of the track continues in similar fashion, with subtle key changes in the breaks adding a little interest to what is essentially a solid early-set progressive piece. While there is nothing here which we haven't heard before, it's curiously refreshing to hear some well executed warm-up material.

In summary, the EP once again highlights V-Sag's desire to stay true to the sound he's been pushing since first making his name in the industry, with tribal-tinged drums, deep basslines and melodic transitions key to his approach. While the 'Believe In Me' reworking loses some of it's appeal for my personal tastes thanks to the less than complimentary and slightly intrusive vocal, 'Mar De Oro' is something which slots nicely into the early sets of those still championing the deep, melodic progressive sound. Now for a dub of the Native remix!

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