Artist: Un:Plug Feat Mutabaruka
Title: Time Unlimited
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 19 April 2003
  • A: Original Plug Mix
  • B: A.T.T. Remix

Un:Plug Feat Mutabaruka "Time Unlimited"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Paul and Mark Plug need no introduction based on the amount of projects they have worked on over the years. This, one of their latest, entitled 'Unplugged' has already been home to releases on Plastica Red and now 'Time Unlimited' is their latest single for EQ. The remix is provided by ATT (Circulation's Paul Davis and Peace Division's Justin Drake) who take it in a more techy direction, and the results are as follows..

Trippy percussion drops and big acid bassline lead us into the 'Original Mix', tribal drums controlling the flow of the track. As Mutaburaka's spoken vocal oozes with subtle decadence over the top, the funky groove underneath just fluctuates in funky fashion, dropping out into the spoken break and back in with a deeper sub bass effect in the latter half of the track as rising snares keep the tempo tight till the finale.

Flip it over for the 'ATT Mix' which shows it means business right from the start with pounding bassline and crunchy beats rocking in tandem as a loop is dropped over the top time after time. A quick key change sees the pace pick up and and big synth riffs cut horizontally through the groove to the surface. Keeping the vocal to a sparse minimum, the track just builds and builds with the riff gaining in intensity and jackin the groove, which will have the tech house heads amongst you smiling with glee. A unique intrepretation of the track from a highly regarded duo.

A slight departure from previous fare on the label, but if it's one thing that EQ is always consistent with, and that's quality. This is no exception, and should bring the label to the attention of a different group of music lovers with any luck.

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