Artist: U-Facilities Vs The Man
Title: Speechless
Label: Climax Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 26 August 2004
  • A: Steve Linney Mix
  • B: Mara Airsax4nicinpacha Mix

U-Facilities Vs The Man "Speechless"

Out Now on Climax Recordings

Climax Recordings reaches it's 10th release with this latest single, with a new single from Danish producer Jan "The Man" Mortensen. With a previous single on Harlem Trax, 'Speechless' is his second of the summer, and here gets presented in the form of remixes from Steve Linney and Mara, who are on hand to celebrate this label's landmark.

'Steve Linney' is an up and coming talent from Climax's home soil of Newcastle, and his remix is a straightforward tribal house number, which bubbles along at a fair pace but doesn't really develop in accordance with this, with only the introduction of some string elements in the late moments changing things up a little, but overall there's nothing that stands out here and it's just another generic sounding mix which fails to even highlight of merit for Steve Linney unfortunately.

Mara's 'Airsax4nicinpachamix' is another deep peak time epic from straight out of Sheffield. Pulling out the stops and proving that they still have what it takes to take the dancefloor apart. Some great use of moods here in this peak time mix, with a big bassline paving the way for the real pay off, which comes in the form of a killer sax riff that rises up out of the dirty grooves and makes its presence felt in a massive way, with the Gilbeys showing they can still deliver the goods.

A blinding remix from Mara on what is otherwise a rather mediocre 12", and even though because of this it has limited use, Mara fans would be advised to make sure they check this out.

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