Artist: U-Facilities & Sciatica
Title: Free My Soul
Label: Harlem Trax
By: Chloe Harris | 27 May 2004
  • A: Lawler Locked Harlem Edit
  • B: Original Mix

U-Facilities & Sciatica "Free My Soul"

Out Now on Harlem Trax

Jan Mortensen aka DJ U-Facilities is the resident DJ at Club Ignition in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is one of the best clubs in the area and has been inspirational in Jan and his musical partner, Claus Nileson, in the production of their music. 'Free My Soul' has a deep distorted speech by Jan, as well as fierce techy beats and big pad movements. Steve Lawler gets in there with a quality edit that should have everyone in a frenzy.

The 'Original Mix' is a fierce techy monster with nice keys and sinister vibe. Hard drums start in while clicky high hats create a robotic groove. Dark sounds bubble in the background, while Jan’s distorted vocal comes in. The drums keep driving until a piercing acid line looms on top bringing everything down into a break. His voice continues, while pads change the turn from dark to uplifting all while maintaining the techy edge.

Steve Lawler turns 'Free My Soul' into a gritty pounding tune. The drums are heavy and techy, with loads of high hats that keep with the drive. His vocals start in again, while hard stabs beat down into the drums. Loads of quick changes keeps the song moving and it never lets up for a break. Steve has created a borderline techno edit that is fierce yet groovy enough for house heads.

'Free My Soul' is hard hitting house music at its best. Steve Lawler has done a great job with keeping his labels fresh by signing new and undiscovered talent.

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