Artist: U&K
Title: Ultra Fairy EP
Label: M3DICIN3
By: Chloe Harris | 1 November 2003
  • A: Ultra Fairy
  • B: Ukexpress

U&K "Ultra Fairy EP"

Out Now on M3DICIN3

Hot off the heels of thier last outing 'The Ignite Ep' on Cuba Recordings, Uke & Kimik are back once again with another diverse EP of material. U & K first came onto the scene with their stunning remix of Sasha’s 'Wavy Gravy', and have since gained notoriety within the progressive house scene. The 'Ultra Fairy EP' explores their sound further, while also experimenting with different drums, textures and synths.

'Ultra Fairy' starts in with tight drums that are brought through effects and filters before popping into a bouncy bassline. Infectious and groovy, we continue on with quick changes and progression, until we slow into a break. A cheeky sample from Resevoir Dogs lays in break tripped out and looped. Back into the drums, chords change up nicely and push the song along further.

'Ukexpress' is a very experimental progressive song. The kick drum starts us in while high hats fill the spaces. The atmosphere is deep and thick, with strange sounds hiding in the background. Tribal toms and metallic percussion move in and take the song to a break. Cute highs and lows flutter around teasing the drums. The bassline comes in funky with just the right amount of groove. The intricacies in this song are to die for, and are what make this so special.

Medicine is a new label headed for good things. With a focus on the great new talent such as U & K, Medicine is sure to win many fans over. U & K do what they do best; skilled progressive house, with a great vibe and enough funk to get you moving.

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