Artist: U&K
Title: Atmosphere
Label: Confi-Dance Records
By: Chloe Harris | 19 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Panoptic Mix

U&K "Atmosphere"

Out Now on Confi-Dance Records

The duo of U & K, two Finnish producers who've hit a hot spot with Nick Warren, Sasha and others, create 'Atmosphere', the latest release on Confi-Dance Records. This is a beautiful hypnotic progressive track, with arpeggiated sounds and clicky drums to bob your head to. Mick Burns under his Panoptic guise reworks the tune into a techy minimal sub bass monster, with sounds that swirl endlessly in your head.

Deep textures start in with spooky drums and shakers that build into a clicky drum set, while the bassline drops in and bounces along with a groovy bubbly sound. Plucked and arpeggiated sounds ride along with the drums creating a pretty atmosphere. Looming synths wash over the tune as we fall deep inside the middle of the break. Piano drops fall into the warm pads, while key changes bring the drums back in and finish off the tune.

'Panoptic' has turned this song upside down into a minimal percussive heady tune. Whipping sounds and crunchy drums start building, while tiny squished synths bounce in the background. Rolling into a deep dark sub bass, the tune starts grooving and building quickly. Fluttery synths play with the drums and build with them until everything pops into a surreal break that opens the floor for the Rhodes. A beautiful melancholy tone fills the break and washes us back into the drums as we chug away till the end.

U & K are doing extremely well for the short amount of time they've been around and with numerous tracks and remixes coming, you’ll be sure to hear more from them in the coming months.

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