Artist: Turnipwagon
Title: Onions & Goujons
Label: Looq Records
By: Colin C. | 6 February 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Parallel Sound Mix

Turnipwagon "Onions & Goujons"

Out Now on Looq Records

There are only a few stateside labels that can claim responsibility for unleashing truly ‘progressive’ sounding music onto the rest of the world, and Jondi & Spesh’s Loöq records is on top. Since its inception in ’98, they have focused on not only releasing material from respected artists such as Jamie Stevens (Infusion) and Momu, but new undiscovered talent as well. Ben Scott falls into that category, as his “Onions and Goujons” marks his first vinyl release for his Turnipwagon guise. Originally from Newcastle, Ben has spent his time in New York honing his production skills and unleashes an interesting twist on the House music genre.

The original mix graces the A side of this release, as it starts down a house oriented path with ping-pong casio-ish patterns and fairly simple percussion. Sweeping effects manage to help break up the hypnotic groove a little with their quick drops before a creepy pad sulks in to add some much needed tension. Soon after the track quickly breaks down, unleashing a rough bassline, dripping tablas and a wandering flute arrangement. I can definitely see why this was picked up for Loöq as it’s a perfect companion to the majority of their back catalog. Ben manages to create some good atmosphere with interesting choices for his sound palette, definitely something that could go over well in a dark, seedy New York club.

Not being the biggest fan of minimal arrangements, the Parallel Sound mix managed to grab more of my attention with its heavier percussion and meatier version of the bassline. Musa & Tim are great at crafting dirty, slimy rhythms and this remix is no exception. They play off the original sounds nicely, keeping a good balance between the original content and their added bits. They also bring the flute more to the forefront of the track, pulling in their own synth additions to really launch this track into a bigger, main room feel. A great complement to the original and will sure to help get this supported across a wide variety of DJ’s.

I can honestly say this marks one of my favorite moments in the catalog for Loöq, and its nice to see a label continue to move the ‘progressive’ genre forward without reaching backwards.

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