Artist: True To Nature
Title: New World / Progres
Label: Insatiable Society
By: Chloe Harris | 15 September 2003
  • A: New World
  • B: Progres

True To Nature "New World / Progres"

Out Now on Insatiable Society

True To Nature are Tom Von Rosen and Jokke of Copenhagen, Denmark. They have been producing and playing in various bands for the last 10 years. Their pounding tribal stompers have been found in the boxes of DJs like Sander Klienenberg, Darren Emerson, and Peace Division. ‘New World’ and ‘Progrés’ are both wicked tracks with heavy bass, twisted sounds, and great production, following on from a previous release on Renaissance offshoot USR.

‘New World’ is a belter of a tune. Drums lead us in with a high hat laid nicely on top. A sweeping sound comes over and washes us into an arpeggiated mid that pushes the song hard. There are random sounds falling in and out of the song; they start to really take shape and pop us into a super low driving bassline. Pushed further we pop off into the break. Swimming in a sea of sound, we’re taken up by a ringing ton into a voice, and plummeted back into driving beats. A shaker comes in to add more to the drums, as we follow that till the end. A quality driving progressive tribal stomper.

‘Progrés’ is a deeper song with a groovy bassline and subtle textures. The kick drum starts things off, as high hats start to float in. A twinkley synth comes on and fades away into a groovy bassline; it’s thick and has a filthy slap bass effect on it. A nice groove starts setting in, as random spacy sounds take us into a break. A lovely quite melody comes in, while the sounds underneath rumble. In comes a womans voice, and then back into the drums. The ending introduces some nice changing key patterns, and rolls us out till the end. This is one of those songs for warm up moments or deep and spacey sets.

A great release for Insatiable Society by these two Copenhagen artists, who are currently touring live in Scandinavia and South America, and I am sure you’ll be seeing their names more often over the coming months.

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