Artist: Trifactor
Title: Deep Mind EP
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 9 July 2004
  • A: Deep Control
  • B: Whats On Your Mind?

Trifactor "Deep Mind EP"

Out Now on CP Recordings

Next up on CP Recordings is a release from LA based Trifactor. His passion and drive has kept him busy with DJing, producing and traveling all over the world since the early 90s. He has grown a solid following down in South America where he has toured extensively showcasing his sound and deck smarts. After his many remixes for commercial artists such as David Bowie, Evanescance, and Coldplay, Vahe Aslanyan aka Vic delves deep into his underground side, and creates the 'Deep Mind EP'. Featuring two dancefloor tunes, 'Deep Control' being a percussion based killer, while 'What's On Your Mind' is a softer warm up tune to get people moving.

'Deep Control' has a brilliant groove that rides along a frenzy of heavy percussion. Toms, shakers, clever high hats, and a solid kick start in while big bass bounces underneath. At a short break piano stabs are introduced and lay down into the beats bringing everything to a peak full of sound. The piano finally takes the focus as the drums fade away leaving just a pulsing bassline and beautiful keys opening up for a powerful bounce back into the beats.

'What's On Your Mind' has a nice mellow mood making it perfect for building a set. A warm groovy bassline starts in with delayed vocal hits and a smooth house beat. Light synths loom in the background swaying back and forth in deep sweeps. Dropping into the break the voice comes alive while you hear him talking about "what's on your mind". New pads fall down into the break creating an uplifting atmosphere. The beats kick back in after the break following the pads and synths to the end.

CP Recordings once again deliver something different, as never a label to become stagnant, they change the tone once again as they delve deep into the percussion and grooves Trifactor creates on the 'Deep Mind EP'.

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