Artist: Trafik
Title: Your Light
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 12 November 2003
  • A1: Luke Chable Vocal Mix
  • B1: Original Mix
  • B2: Forth Re:Boot Reprise

Trafik "Your Light"

Out Now on GU Music

Leading on from Pako and Frederik's 'Systematic' single, the second release on Global Underground's new GU[Music] label comes from Trafik. Originally members of the label's in house production outfit The Forth, Andrew Archer and John Elliott now break free with their own project, with 'Your Light' being the first single to be taken from their forthcoming artist album, conceived from years of hard graft and now finally realised, coinciding nicely with the launch of the label. Support comes from the ever consistent Luke Chable, so it has all the potential to be a great launch for the duo.

Leading the way, 'Luke Chable' continues his fine form of recent months with a big vocal breaks reworking of the track. Things may start off slowly but as soon as the first beats drop into the groove things soon pick up. Filtered vocal snippets drift in and out of the compacted beat patterns, creating a dirty sound that is soon backed up by a fierce rolling bassline. The first drop takes us into the main vocal chorus, with John Elliott's own gritty tones complimenting the vibe of the mix, with melodic synths bobbing up and down within the groove as things shift tor wards the break, where Chable gets experimental once again with some bigger beat layers and superb delays, spiraling out of control and gradually becoming nothing as the fury subsides to end this rollercoaster mix.

Don't think that's the only mix worth checking out though, as Trafik's own 'Original Mix' is a twisted electronic breaks version,, with a grumbling bassline providing the stage for a scrumptious blend of snares, melodic synths and big electro riffs, with the vocal concealed right in the thick of the action. Dropping out to a moody vocal solo halfway through, the electro synths rupture into action more intense than before in the final section of the track, with a rather nice grunge rock mood being ever present. Trafik draw upon a range of influences that far exceed the confines of dance music, and that message is very much prevalent on this mix, with the ambient broken beats of The Forth's 'Re-Boot' reprise at the end showcasing this willingness to explore even further.

All mixes of this track are strong tracks in their own right, both on the dancefloor or sound system and as an introduction to what to expect from Andrew and John in the future more then serves it's purpose. The Forth may be a thought in passing almost, but the road ahead is paved with Trafik, and for once that's a good thing.

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