Artist: Trafik
Title: Echoes
Label: GU Music
By: Simon Jones | 14 September 2004
  • A1: Trafik Slapback Mix
  • B1: Petter Airguitar Mix
  • B2: Forth Vs J-Punch Jetlagged Mix

Trafik "Echoes"

Out Now on GU Music

Having both forged their early careers within Newcastle, England, John Elliott and Andrew Archer have broken free of the collective that was The Forth, and developed a series of projects in their own right. In addition to developing a new haven for production, the Loft Studios, the duo have spent the last few months putting together an album of original material. We've already been graced with the debut single 'Your Light' earlier this year, and now we have 'Echoes' in our midst.

Trafik's own 'Slapback Mix' is an awesome 4/4 interpretation, it's combination of traditional house grooves and progressive beats providing a very satisfying canvas for John Elliott's subtle vocals to be placed over. A solid bassline drives the track forward, giving it gliding feel that lifts the tempo to dizzy heights, the beats rolling faster but never detracting from the vocal which really gives this track it's edge and takes it from being just another house track into a peak time dancefloor smash.

The b-side brings more remixes, the first from 'Petter', who's 'Airguitar Mix' is an eclectic and funky take on the original. Built around a subtle electronic bassline, Petter cuts up and loops the beats and fills the gaps with some subtle effects and atmospherics. The result is another classy remix that is one of Petter's finest to date, and the final mix on the 12" comes from Trafik once more, whom under the guise of 'The Forth' collaborate with 'J-Punch' on the 'Jetlagged Mix' a dark, late night rework that places a dubby, hypnotic twist on the track, ensuring all bases are well and truly covered.

'Echoes' is the next step in Trafik's progression. It's diversity is very much an indication of the styles and sounds that inspire and influence Andrew Archer and John Elliott and serves as a great precursor to the upcoming debut album as in keeping with the album title, Trafik continue to rise into the spotlight with bullet like speed.

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