Artist: Tone Depth Feat Matt Shapiro
Title: To The Moon
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 19 May 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Club Mix

Tone Depth Feat Matt Shapiro "To The Moon"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Tone Depth's production credentials are regarded as some of the best in the dance music community, with his 2002 single 'Rumble Fish' regarded as an underground classic. Since then he's collaborated with Sultan under the pseudynom of 'The Greek', and now returns with his first solo project in some time, teaming up with Montreal based single Matt Shapiro for 'To The Moon', a track that has already been a staple of Dave Seaman's sets for quite some time.

The 'Original Mix' is a sublime piece of percussive house, with Matt Shapiro's emotive vocals woven through the hypnotic groove that Tone Depth creates. Some old school production elements do not detract from the track whatsoever, and when all is said and done this is a well produced track that is just perfect for those 3am dancefloor moments.

The 'Club Mix' broadens it's scope further, taking the tempo up a few notches and bringing some added bass into the equation. Not straying too far from the foundations set by the original, this mix is more of a compliment than anything else, but more than makes it's point.

'To The Moon' is another stellar offering from Tone Depth, showcasing a deeper, more mature sound than fans of his previous work may be familar with, but nevertheless a worthy addition to his impressive discography, not to mention that of the Audiotherapy label.

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