Artist: Tom Mangan
Title: Chutney (Moonface Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 7 April 2003
  • A: Moonface Mix
  • B: T-zer Mix

Tom Mangan "Chutney (Moonface Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Tom Mangan has become a lot more than just Cass's studio hand as many would know him. Thanks to singles such as 'Chutney', as well as the forthcoming 'Backwards Retro' and 'Hubbub', his collaboration with Cass and Hernan Cattaneo, Tom is proving he is a well schooled producer in his own right, with his work appealing right across the board, and now Bedrock resisdent Phil Thompson, better known as Moonface to many, has added his own ideas to 'Chutney' giving it a fresh appeal to an even wider range of djs.

A deep and twisted house groove provides the centre of the 'Moonface Mix', bobbing along as warm sounds flicker and fade away in the background, leading into the main hook of the original. Expanding and deflating sounds lend a warped effect to the groove as the melody slides into the foreground, slowly down as the break hits and winding it's way along to a slightly more fired up outro. Something a bit left of centre, but a decent interpretation which will prove handy in many situations.

Phil's 'T-Zer Mix' is perhaps not what you could class as a conventional remix, a rolling groove pushing forward into Chutney's main hook, looping it over and over in true dj tool fashion, dropping out to silence and a consortortium of warped and distorted sounds with which to confuse the floor, before heading back into the main groove for the finale. A very quirky and oddly constructed mix that whilst good for experimentalists may not find favour with a lot of people

A bit of a mixed bag really, with the 'T-Zer Mix' being something only a niche set of jocks could perhaps get into. However, do not let that take away from Moonface's tight remix on the a-side, which should be checked out if you were feeling the Size 9 Reinterpretation of the track.

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