Artist: Tkac & Haverlik
Title: Tyra
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 May 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Start With This Dub

Tkac & Haverlik "Tyra"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Tkac and Haverlik are Slovak based duo Rasti Tkac and Tomas Haverlik, who have only been producing for a short time, but after this track came to the attention of Keith Mcdonnell, he quickly snapped 'Tyra' up for Baroque, and now it's on the shelves for you all to enjoy. You are probably wondering why he signed them on the spot, perhaps this should explain...

Punchy energetic beats and a tight house groove are the first noticeable elements of the 'Original Mix', but it soon unfolds into a synth laden floor dominating beast. The tight beat percussion is interrupted by delayed synth riffs, spacious ambience oozing through the gaps as the key changes over and over, until the main riff devastates the soundscape. Soft melodic pads enter at the tail end, adding to the intensity of the beats as they flutter over the top of them, taking control during the break before the wild riff kicks back in once more. Devastating.

The 'Start With This Mix' takes things down the deeper route, constructing a similar effect with a more laid back approach, adding more delay to the pads and stripping back the percussion to allow the main synth riff to expand in a large void. A nice alternative mix for a warm up set, or to tease the introduction of the original mix.

A diversion from the vocal led releases of the past few months on Baroque, but one that provides this floor rippling stormer which you could do far worse than to pick up.

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