Artist: Tkac & Haverlik
Title: Synthia
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Central Rush Mix

Tkac & Haverlik "Synthia"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Ever since Rasti Tkac and Tomas Haverlik burst onto the scene with such tracks as 'Hannah' and 'Tyra', their profile seems to have been steadily rising ever since. Over the past few months, they have remixed artists such as Royal Kinks and Central Rush and now deliver their second single for the Baroque label, 'Synthia'.

The 'Original Mix' takes us through a driving progressive landscape, dark beats and rolling drum patterns creating a chugging tempo which sets the mood up just right. Melodic synths and bass fills add an atmospheric feel to the overall sounds, Subtle drops aid the flow and direction of the track, with acidic effects and haunting vocal line bringing the final touch to this peak time stomper.

'Central Rush' strips things back a little, and focuses on the melody in his remix. Soft bass flows under a bed of melodic riffs and layered chords, each section bringing a different effect into the mix, whilst warm sounds float up and over the top. Big keys and soaring strings add an heavenly slant to this gorgeous reinterpretation, another touch of class from this LA based producer.

Both mixes work well on the dancefloor, and are versatile enough that you will find yourself pulling this record out of your box again and again. Another fine outing from one of the UK's leading labels.

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