Artist: Titto La Rocka
Title: Natural Born Funky
Label: Musiq Records
By: Simon Jones | 10 June 2004
  • A: DJ Nukem Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Titto La Rocka "Natural Born Funky"

Out Now on Musiq Records

The past few releases on Musiq Records have seen a major influence from the Q-Club and Iberican style sounds, and this latest release from the mysterious Titto La Rocka is no different. The remix on the flip comes from DJ Nukem, who having already had two singles on the label, returns with a uptempo rework that has been getting support from the likes of Steve Lawler.

The 'DJ Nukem Mix' leads the way, with some snaking rhythms and atmospheric drums providing a heady backdrop for this percussive led interpretation. A constant bouncing energy carries things along, but the saxophone hook just sounds out of place, and this is by nowhere near the quality of some of Nukem's previous work.

The 'Original Mix' has some interesting elements with an awesome riff cutting over the Spanish style drums, but it's more a filler piece than anything, and doesn't push any boundaries, making it a track that has been done and done again countless times over by some of the other artists in this genre.

Whilst several of this label's releases haven't been amazing, but have shown some fresh ideas, this is decidedly lacklustre, and fails to hit the spot on many levels.

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