Artist: Tim Skinner & Martin Accorsi
Title: Playing For Silence / Vivid & Visual
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Chloe Harris | 9 September 2004
  • A: Playing For Silence
  • B: Vivid & Visual

Tim Skinner & Martin Accorsi "Playing For Silence / Vivid & Visual"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Tim Skinner makes his Bedrock debut, teaming up with Martin Accorsi to bring us a track that has already been a staple of John Digweed's DJ sets for most of the summer and back into early 2004. Having both collaborated with Barry 'Sphere' Robb in the past, 'Playing For Silence' marks the first time these two have come together, and in addition to a bonus track in the form of 'Vivid & Visual', they make their debut in grand style.

'Playing For Silence' is a tech house stomper built for big rooms that carry a lot of low end. Crisp claps snap on top of techy beats and hypnotic shakers. Sliding and washing hits throw down blasts of air that set into the beats, while everything falls flat into a fat ass bassline. A sassy grinding groove kicks in with a quick filter sweep, while techno influenced melodic stabs pull the song into a rambunctious peak, before setting into a minimal middle. Distorted watery vocals talk about ‘sounds’, while a quick change through the beats drops off into a long dwindling LFO and a perfect time to drop in a long electro bassline that will build into a peak once again.

'Vivid & Visual' is a watery tech house tune with a twisted vocal that swims with slicing stabs and a rumbling bassline. A swaying groove sets in and shakers and claps are added for a thicker sound, while the melodic stabs play with the drums and finally dropping everything off into a bumping minimal midsection. Twisted sounds creep and move swirling off into the deep dark atmosphere where the drums kick back in with added toms and lazer zaps. Shelves of washy techy sounds control the tune as it reaches a couple more peaks before calming down.

Long time supporters of Bedrock, Skinner & Accorsi deliver the goods here, and if that's not enough, they've put together a set of reinterpretations to compliment this outstanding release, so look out for those as they drop in the near future, but for now, end the silence, and play this.

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