Artist: Tim Scott
Title: Funk Sol Discotek
Label: 3Beat Music Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 19 March 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Freeloader Mix

Tim Scott "Funk Sol Discotek"

Out Now on 3Beat Music Ltd

Tim Scott needs no introduction. His work as Element N is perhaps his most accoladed work to date, with other material as Nimrod and previous singles under his own name receiving varied response. He returns with his latest single for 3Beat, 'Funk Sol Discotek', so let's find out under which catergory it falls.

As soon as the first beats of the 'Original Mix' kick in you know that this is going to be large! A huge fluctuating bassline sits under funky house grooves and synth delays galore. Pulsating sounds and rippling effects push things forward with aim to create a big room effect, with the vocal aiming to hammer it out into the floor. Whilst indeed the track has big room appeal, some of the sounds could easily have been lifted from an 80's computer game and take away from what is otherwise a well crafted track.

'Freeloader' strip it back, and take the groove deeper with a more upbeat pace, keeping the big bassline right in the centre. Whilst this is a welcome diversion from the ideas of the original, it doesn't really develop much at all, and is a bit of a missed opportunity to build on the big room feel of the original whilst keeping it's appeal with the deeper floors.

Whilst both mixes will work the floor, they don't really do much for me and I am definately not 'feeling the funk' here. Approach and listen to with caution.

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