Artist: Tim Davison
Title: Deafening Silence / Praying On Patience
Label: Plastic Fantastic
By: Chloe Harris | 15 May 2006
  • A: Deafening Silence
  • B: Praying On Patience

Tim Davison "Deafening Silence / Praying On Patience"

Out Now on Plastic Fantastic

Tim Davison is a new producer coming out of London, England. A bright new addition to the dance industry who DJs and produces a fantastic blend of electro, house and techy tribal sounds. He has shared the decks with the big guns at legendary clubs such as Bedrock, Ministry Of Sound, and The End and has started touring within Europe. His debut release for Feed Me Records last year put him on the map, but his newest release for Plastic Fantastic sees him unleash his coolest sounds yet.

'Deafening Silence' is a cool electro house tune. Rapid fire drums tip toe in but pop once the kick thuds down enveloped by a rolling syncopated bassline. Synth sweeps carry the tune along thru its various transitions up and down the electro groove. The rhythm changes up to be a bit darker and driving allowing for the song to dwindle down to a slow and silent point that opens up to a serious electro lazer battle. This is serious business. The stompy madness this middle brings is phenomenal. The crowd will go crazy as it all builds back into the popping electro that rides on out till the end.

A techy tribal sound can be found on the flip. 'Praying On Patience' is a big room thumping sound with a great rhythm section and huge stabs. The drums hit hard and create a huge chugging motion. Detroit styles synth stabs jump off the drums delaying into the break building a massive depth. Big throaty bass steps in while the stabs build into a massive peak that pounds back into the bassline and chugging rhythm. This is the sort of tune you’d hear Danny Howells play in one of his marathon sets. Just good and groovy, peak time tribal business.

Tim Davison has a slew of new tunes to unleash this year. Twelve originals on labels like Nascent, Source Of Gravity and Segment, all coming soon but this is a great release for Plastic Fantastic.

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