Artist: Tilt
Title: Left Of Centre EP
Label: Trust The DJ Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 April 2003
  • A1: Sirens (Four Motion Mix)
  • A2: Bitter & Twisted
  • B1: One Mile Deep (Movement In The Dark Mix)
  • B2: Sirens (Beats Intro Edit)

Tilt "Left Of Centre EP"

Out Now on Trust The DJ Records

Tilt, the production alias of djs Parks and Wilson have produced many huge tracks over the years. Alongside Quivver, they brought to us such huge tracks as 'I Dream', 'Children' and 'Butterfly', to name but a few. When Quivver left to concentrate on his own projects, many thought that Tilt would be no more, but Parks and Wilson continued on, releasing the single 'Headstrong' in 2002. Now they return with the first of a series of EPs. This, the 'Left Of Centre EP' showcases a wider range of styles than many would associate with the duo, and even reunites them with Quivver for one of the tracks.

First up is 'Sirens'. a tribal edged melody led track which bases itself around a siren which lurks deep within the intricate layers of percussion and deep sub bass rhythms, building an eerie, brooding vibe as subtle vocals melt into the bass as a siren pierces the soundscape. Pushing forward faster and harder, the drums roll in building upwards to the break, where the groove lets go and huge riffs submerge the uplifting melody, threatening to take your head clean off as it springs out of nowhere for one final aural assault. Beware the sound of the siren..

'Bitter and Twisted' brings things back to a state of calm, the vocals of Zee offering soothing respite as she delivers them in spine chilling fashion over a sea of tight beats and cinematic instruments, with an almost lounge style groove sitting underneath. Graceful in it's delivery, yet tough in it's arrangement. This is vintage Tilt, and it's little wonder that this beauty was crafted with the help of Quivver.

Dropping into some heavy rolling beats, Tilt take us 'One Mile Deep', exploring the realm of breakbeat as the beats rise and drop over a squelchy bassline. Downtempo melodies and atmospheric mesh within the gaps, keeping things rolling in crunchy Orbital-esque fashion, but whilst having it's moments, the track lacks a polished finish and could have done with a bit more kick in places.

For the finale comes the 'Beats Intro' of 'Sirens' which is basically a dancefloor friendly version of the track which launches into the full on drums and melody without the large build up. A useful dj tool for those wanting to get to the point.

And to the point we now get.. It may not be on a par with some of Tilt's earlier production work, but as value for money this EP offers a diverse range of tracks, which you will use at least one of. Check it out if versatility is for you..

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