Artist: Tijuana
Title: Groove Is In The Air (Low End Specialists Mix)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 January 2004
  • A: Groove Is In The Air (Low End Specialists Mix)

Tijuana "Groove Is In The Air (Low End Specialists Mix)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Tijuana's 'Groove In The Air' is another track from the early infant life of Bedrock. Remixed by Bedrock's own Moonface, the highly regarded FC Kahuna, in addition to Simon Pearson, the man behind such tracks as 'Free At Last'. All mixes found favour in varying sectors of the dance community, showcasing the diversity of the label whilst helping to cement it's direction and sound during it's first few years, and it's now given a timely update by a duo regarded to be the dons of US house at the moment, The Low End Specialists, Mac C and Ali Geramian.

Stripping down the original, the duo's 'Dirty Sanchez Mix' shimmers along led by a sultry and sexy groove that keeps tight reign over the rest of the track. Deep percussion provides the perfect contrast to the duo's trademark low end bass, with the original's vocal hook sailing in and out of the hypnotic groove in a rather nerve tingling fashion. Smooth sounds fill out the gaps, and what we have here is an update that will bring 'Groove Is In The Air' right back into DJ boxes and subsequently back onto dancefloors.

Low End Specialists show exactly why they are held in high regard, and with 2004 seeing some original work from the duo after a busy few months of remix after remix, it looks as though bigger things may yet be around the corner, and this precision remix is just the catalyst that starts the ball rolling..

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