Artist: Tiebreaker
Title: Settle The Score
Label: Pacific Front Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 29 July 2005
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Micah 'Miami Style Justice' Mix
  • 3. Influenza Mix

Tiebreaker "Settle The Score"

Out Now on Pacific Front Recordings

Brothers Davin and Anand Greenwell form the duo of Tiebreaker. Being multi instrumentalists and having a strong background in music definately has had a large impact on the production qualities of Pacific Front's latest release. Davin teamed up with Justin Humber (AKA Formulate) to form the label, which spawned from the amount of undiscovered talent around the Pacific North West area.

The Original Mix of Settle The Score sets up a sense of anticipation very early on, and the listener almost instinctively knows that it is going to be a massive track. Its tight production values and strong sense of atmosphere are indisputable. The bassline weaves its way in and out of the production with a soaring melody making its way to the higher levels of the composition. The uplifting atmosphere this creates is contrasted by the driving nature of the bassline, and makes for a very forward thinking track.

Micah jumps into the back seat with his "Miami Style Justice" Mix, which strips things back and sets up a lazy groove for the listener. The seductive bassline sliters its way along the lower level of the composition, as we are introduced to an absolutely blissful melody carefully laid down by Micah. A very unique take on the Original Mix, and serves as a fine companion to it. As of late Micah has been causing waves throughout the scene, and this mix serves as evidence as to why it is so.

Canadian boys Jason Craig and Jeff Malcolm throw down the final mix on this release, and what an explosive way to end. The breakbeats come out in force as the bassline has been chopped up and given a boost of raw power. All the elements which made the track work so well are still here, but have been filtered and diced, and carefully positioned to provide maximum energy. Any breakbeat DJ lacking this release from their box is strongly advised to put it near the top of their list to check out.

The vast range of style represented on this release in just three tracks is phenomenal. No matter what style of progressive makes your day, all are advised to check this release out. An excellent addition to an already high quality back catalogue for Pacific Front Recordings, and this sets the bar at what we can expect in the future from them.

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