Artist: Threshold Productions & Sonify
Title: No More Silence
Label: Baroque Limited
By: Jason Calvert | 16 August 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Damien Heck 'Feroshi Gets Fierce' Mix

Threshold Productions & Sonify "No More Silence"

Out Now on Baroque Limited

Torsten Edwinson was formally producing psy-trance in an act called Masada, but after running out of inspiration, he decided to try something totally different and open to experimentation. The project was named Threshold Productions. Andy Yakovlev was also producing psy-trance, and decided to start up the Sonify project for a more progressive sound. Bringing these two talented producers together results in a hot production which is forward thinking and has the dancefloor in mind.

The original mix slithers its way forward with a sexy underlying groove complimented by some slick guitar riffs. Mid to high ranged pads build up the atmosphere, with a plethora of percussion ensuring the track never falls apart. If this is the result we get from seeing psy producers moving into the progressive arena, maybe we should be getting more to follow this lead! The sound is distinctively different to much of the progressive we have been getting lately, and these psy influences work in the tracks favour for a very positive result.

The highly talented Damien Heck steps up to provide his "Feroshi Gets Fierce" mix. Picking up the pace, this mix is intended for peak time. Introducing many of his own elements, the track takes on a whole new form, whilst retaining the percussive feel of the original which held it together. Effects in the high ranges build on an already intense atmosphere, and this is the kind of track which DJ's love, as it would easily fill up your dancefloor in no time.

An excellent release to add to Baroque's impressive back catalogue of releases. I can see nothing but good for the future of these psy-producers experimenting in the progressive field. Having influences which are different to the norm for many progressive producers results in a unique sound being conveyed, and one which has a certain edge to it which is the key to quality electronic music.

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