Artist: Those Two Guys
Title: 33 Rev
Label: Looq Records
By: Simon Jones | 22 July 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Blake Jarrell & Starkid Crunker Mix

Those Two Guys "33 Rev"

Out Now on Looq Records

Whom Those Two Guys are remains a mystery, but '33 Rev' is the latest release from the confines of Looq's San Francisco home, with the usual off the wall mad as eggs production style that we've come to expect from this label in the last few months present, ensuring some crazy dancefloor action without fail. If that's not enough, Starkid and Blake Jarrell are on hand with a terrific rework that only seeks to add to the mayhem rather than calm it.

The 'Original Mix' has that old school progressive feel, big driving beats and floaty soundscapes fading into a drifting hypnotic groove that slowly entices you into it's cage and locks you there. Subtle drum percussion cuts through the rising saw style riff that forms the big lead of track, sliding in underneath as the break hits, and it's here that the twist occurs as a Ragga MC struts his stuff during the final moments.

However, it's the Starkid & Blake Jarrell Mix that is the one here, a stunning hard hitting spaced out progressive breaks mix that has more twists and turns than Birmingham's infamous Spaghetti Junction, grinding bass and arpeggiated hooks providing the elements of the flowing and dynamic groove, with some excellent melodic keys sliding over the top of the vocal which is wisely kept to a minimum so as not to take anything away from this incredible collaboration that blows the original clean out of the water.

A game of two halves really. The original will find it's niche quite nicely in any set, but flip over for the remix for maximum dancefloor carnage, as Looq once again deliver the goods.

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