Artist: Thomas Penton
Title: Deeper Vowels
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 January 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Andre Absolut Mix

Thomas Penton "Deeper Vowels"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Over the past decade, Thomas Penton's production and remix work has earned him massive respect from many of the key DJs and his peers alike. With appearances on a massive amount of labels, its surprising that we've not seen him on Baroque Records previously, but that now changes as his track 'Deeper Vowels' becomes the label's 47th release.

Tough swirling rhythms and solid tribal drums comprise the basis of Penton's 'Original Mix', with an interesting synth loop cutting through the centre of the track, it's ferocity and intensity slowly building. Slowly but surely, vocal snippets and string melodies are introduced and it's then the track begins to come to life. A subtle drop at the centre of the track preludes an eerie key changing build that drops into a hard hitting outro that test the frequencies of even the best sound systems without a doubt.

'Andre Absolut' is on hand to provide the remix, taking 'Deeper Vowels' down a slightly different path. Opting for a pumping style groove, Andre creates an upbeat and funky mix that focuses more on the melody and bass than the tougher elements of the track, and if you're familiar with his previous work, then you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised by this.

Fast approaching it's 50th release, Baroque has constantly tried to offer something a little different, and whilst 'Deeper Vowels' perhaps doesn't push the limits like some of the label's finer releases, its quite the versatile 12" to keep handy at the back of your record box, so give it a spin and see what you think.

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