Artist: The PQM Project
Title: Aenema
Label: Institution Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 21 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Noel Sanger Mix

The PQM Project "Aenema"

Out Now on Institution Recordings

With the breaks label already well underway with releases by Digital Witchcraft and Blue Haze, the time has come for the main Institution Recordings imprint to come to life. Be it early evening house, peak time progressive or laid back after hours grooves, Institution Recordings aims to cover them all, and they launch the label in stunning fashion. Having been in the music business for the better part of 20 years, Prince Quick Mix has gained the respect of his fellow peers and music lovers alike with such tracks as 'The Flying Song', 'Everyday' and the infamous 'You Are Sleeping'. A versatile DJ and producer, his debut for Institution Recordings sees him team up with Ekaterini for a cover version of Tool's classic 'Aenema'. Taking the track and paying homage to it with only the style and elegance that he could, Institution present to you The PQM Project.

Quick's 'Original Mix' fuses heavy bass with deep percussive rhythms and heavenly pads to create a soundscape that glides in a subtle and masterful way, with a deep and moving bassline controlling the sublime tempo of the track. Layered percussion sits between each verse of the haunting vocals that Ekaterini sings with delicate care and attention, flowing into the deep sounds that float below. Mellow chords are evident throughout, but it's Quick's own guitar solo during the breakdown that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, as waves of sound slide back and forth leading us off into the distant horizon to finish, thus ending this indescribably gorgeous remake.

'Noel Sanger' lifts the tempo slightly on his reinterpretation of the track, building in with soft beat rhythms, adding snares and drums as the groove develops, creating a bigger sound. Deep bass rolls and bouncing breakbeats soon take over, leading into main section of the track. Drifting along, melodies float up through the groove. Ekaterini's vocals enter late on, as the sub bass that rolls underneath rises up and turns into a driving breakbeat finale that manages to maintain the vibe and warmth of the original, but adds an intense edge that will send the floor into uproar each time it's let loose.

Institution's launch release is pure quality, and be you a house head, train spotter, vinyl junkie or just someone who enjoys the groove, this is a track that appeal to you all. Sheer class, and the standard bearer that all subsequent Institution Recordings material should strive to equal or better.

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