Artist: The Operators
Title: Furball
Label: Lobotomy Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Marscruiser Mix

The Operators "Furball"

Out Now on Lobotomy Records

Over the last few months, this record called 'Furball' by the mysterious outfit 'The Operators' has quietly been finding it's way into DJ sets and onto dancefloors across the US and down under in Australia, sending more than one person into a wild state that causes them to flip out each time it leaves it's mark on the floor. If I was to tell you that the names behind the project are Phil K, Dave Preston and the twisted genius that is Habersham, and that it's the first release on their new label Lobotomy Records, then the fractured picture quickly becomes one again I'm sure.

The 'Original Mix' is one twisted son of a bitch. Crazy loops and drums waste no time in letting their presence be felt, whilst a sinister wind cuts through the intro. Within a few seconds, it becomes apparent that all common sense was left at the door as a bassline passes through the gates of Hades domain, wrecking havoc as it enters into it's new realm. Twinkling melodies float through signifying this event, dropping into a quirky high pitched break that momentarily interrupts the havoc, before it's reign of terror continues. The question is, which of these guys made a pact with the devil?

'Marscruiser', obviously led to the darkside by the three acolytes turn in a menacing electro remix, rapid fire drums and twisted vocals creating a dark and foreboding groove that spirals off it's fixed axis with regular occurrence. Snarling bass and heavy drums shudder at the heart of the mix, with a rattling melodic line cutting the momentum in half, halting the beats at the break before they sneak in from behind, hurtling back in at high velocity for a finale that implodes upon the dancefloor like an atom bomb.

If one thing is clear here, it's that someone amongst this trio has some serious mental health issues, so with that fact in mind, The Operators are right at home on Lobotomy Records, and if this is any indication of what craziness to expect from this label, then I would advise booking an appointment with your local quack now, as frequent exposure to records like this may cause psychosis.

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