Artist: The MFA
Title: The Difference It Makes
Label: Border Community
By: Simon Jones | 26 January 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: MFA Fungle Fix
  • B1: Petter's Different Version

The MFA "The Difference It Makes"

Out Now on Border Community

The MFA (also known as The Mother Fuckin Allstars) are Alastair Douglas and Rhys Evans, friends, live act and production duo from London. Having met at University, this pair of misfits soon set about bringing together their off the wall ideas, and developing their own unique live show which sees them tag team back and forth, manipulating soundscapes on the fly whilst blurring the lines of such restrictions as genre. Indeed this single 'The Difference It Makes', their debut single is testament to that, as you will discover..

The 'Original Mix' is a superb tech house inspired track with a killer electro bassline that rocks hard at the centre before moving along to a more lo-fi infused main section. The focus is shifted to the quirky cut up vocal, but the refrain that accompanies it lends an energy that takes it higher and higher, and it's one of those tracks that stands out enough to make a difference - as it says on the packet in this case.

The duo's 'Fungle Fix' on the other hand sees them head back in time, drawing on their old drum n bass roots with this twisted jungle interpretation, a fusion acid breaks riding over a devastating bassline whilst melodic stabs filter up through the carnage. A totally different contrast to the original, which highlights the diverse range of sounds they manipulate in a live atmosphere.

Finally, 'Petter' offers his 'Different Version', which takes the original by the balls, and bullies it with some heavy acid, deep chords and a soaring harmony that stamps it's mark on this tweaking tech interpretation. The vocal is kept to a minimum, the bassline growing and kicking harder towards a massive acid drop, with a production quality that is both innovative and sheer class.

Border Community continues to distance itself further away from the usual 'now that's what I call another prog label' cliche, redefining all the rules as it does so. Other labels may attempt to emulate and copycat this idea, but Holden and friends continue to lead rather than follow, and that looks set to be the case for some time to come.

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