Artist: The MFA
Title: Motherload / Sphinx
Label: Precinct Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 8 June 2004
  • A: Motherload
  • B: Sphinx

The MFA "Motherload / Sphinx"

Out Now on Precinct Recordings

The MFA can be found hiding in a community across the border. Rhys Evans and Alistair Douglas, the busy duo who've come off the recent success of being included on James Holden's Balance mix compilation with their tune called 'The Difference It Makes' are back with a follow up, this time appearing on the new label Precinct Recordings. 'Motherload' and 'Sphinx' are heavy on the bass, the beats and the massive peaks and have already been known to put the dancefloors in a tizzy thanks to early support from James Holden.

'Motherload' starts off in a swarm of crispy techy drums, before a pulsing galloping bassline with slight key changes bursts in, flying thru quick drum changes and heavy effects. Tiny pieces of melody emerge bouncing up from behind the percussion, sucked into a vacuum vortex and finally spat out inside a deep resonate break. The bassline soon takes control as it drives along building into a peak, while the rush of flying plucked synths ride along as your head bobs. This song is such a brilliant piece of work; words cannot give it the love it deserves.

There’s another storming tune on the flip. 'Sphinx' starts with a dramatic and metallic intro leading into clicky drums and clean filtered percussion. The bassline is filthy and aggressive and drives along to weird samples and a wicked acid line that constantly shifts and changes. Bell jingles and 808 toms move through drum rolls and quick edits, till the song finally comes down.

This is for the headstrong. Some brilliant music for people who like their bass driving, their melodies chopped up and messed with and their songs powerful and peak time. I recommend you snap this up right away from your shop; it’s absolutely devastating.

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