Artist: The Ledge
Title: Falling
Label: Deep Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 29 August 2006
  • A: Kosheen DJs Mix
  • B: Stel Mix

The Ledge "Falling"

Out Now on Deep Records

Since its inception in 2001, Deep Records have quietly been building a solid discography that mainly centres on the progressive genre within dance music. Artists such as Matthew Dekay, Bart van Wissen, Petter and 16 Bit Lolitas are only a few of the names that have released gems through this relatively young record company. In fact, their releases are something that I always look forward to hearing with much excitement. With the release of The Ledge's sumptuous 'Falling', their success rate in attracting solid dance artists continues.

The Kosheen DJs mix of 'Falling' opens with the sound of delayed synths that quickly lead into a moderate beat that soon picks up in tempo to introduce the foremost melody. This sets the foundation for this particular mix quite nicely. Alongside the flanged bass and almost floating vocals, the overall result is an extremely enjoyable and uplifting number. The imminent breakdown is a protracted affair that's heightened by the use of stuttered synths and drawn out vocals before once again bouncing back into the melody and main beat. The tune glides along this momentum effortlessly almost towards the end before it gradually eases off to the sound of quiet beats and synths.

In general, this is a simple progressive trance interpretation that doesn't waver from a formulaic approach in both sound and arrangement. Nevertheless, it's far more enjoyable then some of the releases I’ve heard of late that fall into the same genre. Far too many times, certain producers over compensated on the more uplifting elements of a composition and as a result turn what could have been something that was more then above average, into a piece of tripe. Not in this case as the various components that make up 'Falling' are evenly balanced and it never once sounds like disposable fodder.

The Stel remix of 'Falling' starts things off on a drum-laden tip and gradually adds more percussive elements. This continues to build in layers however this is a deceptive ploy because as the tinged bass kicks in, the whole track takes on a very different feel. Layered over the melodic bass are swirling synths and the vocal, once introduced, is crisp yet more textured sound then its predecessor. Throughout this particular remix, a warbling effect can be heard but in a very subtle way. The momentum builds but at a gradual pace until the breakdown. At this dramatic point, the synths and vocals are used in such a way that only heightens the emotion aspects of the track. At its epicentre, there’s a split second of silence before that bass kicks right back in and the track is once again rolling along in its melody. This continues along the same path but as the track draws to a close, the varying layers gradually slip away until it ends, much as it started, on a drumbeat.

There are not enough words in the English language to express how much I love this particular remix. Being a fan of Stel's work, I felt safe that he would take this remix down a deeper progressive path but I didn't expect quite what I heard. The sly way in which the track starts is purposely misleading as things definitely change once the rumbling bass comes into play. Not only that but the vocal is treated on a sharper, more emotional way which only adds to the track's attractiveness. This is the type of tune I would want to hear after having experienced the perfect set. Just when you think the music can't get any better, it does.

There are some that may say progressive is dead but I say you're just not looking in the right places. The two remixes of 'Falling' are a perfect example of the varying ways progressive can be interpreted. The Kosheen DJs mix tips towards a more trance sound but never once meandering into the insipidness that can often be heard these days. But it's the Stel mix, which follows the progressive house angle that shines on this release. The combined use of that bass and the clarity of the vocal add an emotional factor to the overall sound and as such, I've been drawn back to this version of 'Falling' more times then I can imagine. Basically, it doesn't get much better then this and it's a pleasure to hear.

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