Artist: The Flying Doctors
Title: We Make Contact
Label: Kindred Sounds
By: Chloe Harris | 23 October 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Oliver Lieb Mix

The Flying Doctors "We Make Contact"

Out Now on Kindred Sounds

The Flying Doctors set off with thier first release for Australian dj & producer Kreice's new label, Kindred Sounds. A collaboration of some key players in the industry makes for a massive first release this October. James Zabiela, Jeff Bennett and Kriece come together to create a genre defying stab of music. Oliver Lieb is back and in top form, as he remixes 'We Make Contact' into a effortlessly cool minimal cruncher.

Big Breakbeats, scratches, and a stabbing but lovely melody mixed with vocal samples and theatric sounds drop into a thick bassline that bounces up and down through the tune. A liquidy mid, gated effects, and swirling sounds fill up the space, while a fun electro lead teases your ears and rides the beats. After a some clever beat editing, the lead drops into a watery filtered middle that pops into a 4/4 beat, building into a chugging but slappy rhythm. Quickly dropping away, the mid lowers in, the lead pops and the tune builds to a fantastic peak of electro progressive tech house grooved out funk.

'Oliver Lieb' has reinvented himself once again. He's taken on a fresh new sound, but still has that edge we're all so used to. He's stripped 'We Make Contact' down to a deeper minimal workout, and left a lot of the bouncy elements. Crunchy claps, and the mid throb together twisting though mental effects and vocal samples, while delaying stabs bring in a groove. The lead quicky captures the beats, while it's cute energy offsets the deeper more hypnotising bassline. A minimal thump emerges and a mental tortured sound rings in, but the bouncey elements pop back and everything wiggles until the end.

Kindred Sounds is off to a great start with this first release. It shows promise of being a label with a good variation, but also great talent.

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