Artist: The Doppler Effect
Title: Beauty Hides In The Deep
Label: Electronic Elements
By: Antonella Sirec | 29 May 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Envotion Mix

The Doppler Effect "Beauty Hides In The Deep"

Out Now on Electronic Elements

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a pushhover when it comes to a good vocal track. There's something about hearing a really wonderful vocal layered over an equally wonderful melody that quickly gives me goose bumps and I get that fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach that quietly kick starts certain emotions. One such track that I've been obsessed with over the last month or so is the glorious 'Beauty Hides In The Deep' by The Doppler Effect. While the original is everything that I love in terms of a vocal track, the accompanying remix is unfortunately another story.

The original version of 'Beauty Hides In The Deep' starts off on a subdued beat with vocal snippets layered over a simple melody. With a deeper bass line soon introduced, the track takes on a mellowed feel which is perfectly balanced when the main vocals come into play. Throughout the duration of the track, this version takes on a very progressive feel in sound with the vocal being a mainstay throughout. As it grows in volume and dips in varying places, the overall feel of the track never wavers from the more subtle aspects of the melody. This is such a gorgeous track that if it were to be more up-tempo in its beats, it would lose the majestic qualities that it holds. The stunning vocals and the music that accompany it compliment each other perfectly without one outdoing the other. Definitely one of the most beautiful vocal tracks to have been released in a long time and one that evoked a very emotional response from myself with each subsequent listen. To say that I've been obsessed by this particular track is an understatement. A haunting and stunning track all rolled into one.

While the original version of 'Beauty Hides In The Deep’ verges on the brilliant, it’s a shame the same cannot be said of the Envotion mix which is featured on the flip side. Where the original was a unforgettable progressive number that tweaked at the listener's emotions, this particular version has been reworked into a jumpy electro track that instantly lost its appeal and only made me want to pull my hair out and punch the nearest person. While the whole electro thing doesn't bother me, it's the fact that this interpretation is so blatantly obvious that it lacks any imagination or originality. Primarily, it is a sound that has been done to death and then some and as such, this Envotion mix now sounds thoroughly dated. While there are some aspects to this version that are enjoyable, in particular the atmospheric melodies used at intervals and the way in which the vocal has been treated, overall this is one remix that has completely missed its mark. As a result, it is a rendition that has letdown the original immensely.

As a release, The Doppler Effect's 'Beauty Hides In The Deep' is a bittersweet package that presents two polar opposites in sound and reaction. The original is stunningly beautiful that I continue to listen to and never tire of hearing. That alluring vocal is perfectly balanced with the gorgeous melodies and as a vocal track; it doesn't get much better then this. It's just unfortunate that the Envotion mix has taken such a wonderful track and reworked it into something that I can only describe as less then average electro rubbish. Such a shame as this could have been one of the best package releases of the year. Either way the original of this track is highly recommended.

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