Artist: The Dolphins
Title: House Panic (Remixes)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 27 May 2003
  • A1: Paul Woolford Box Workin Dub
  • B1: Dexter D-Funked Mix
  • B2: This Is Radio Dolphins Dub

The Dolphins "House Panic (Remixes)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Expanding on the already diverse set of mixes the original 12" has, Hooj as always bring a remix 12" to the dance, with yet more remixes of The Dolphins funky, punky cut 'House Panic' for us. On the surface caution is quickly aroused as to what exactly this can add to the package of three mixes already put together on the original vinyl, so let us find out whether we are right to be suspicious..

Things dont get off to a very good start when Paul Woolford's 'Box Workin Dub' doesn't stray very far from the template of his vocal rework, and whilst retaining all the cool elements of that mix, present no real reason for you to snap up this additional 12".

Thankly dutch based producer Dexter is here to raise the ante a bit, pulling out a bit of a star turn with a twisted electro edged groove fusing in rough fashion with the big electronic guitar riffs and vocodered vocals that punch their way to the surface, ducking and diving as oncoming beats head their way. Imagine if Daft Punk made techno records and you would be on the right tracks.

The Dolphins own 'This Is Radio Dolphins Dub' finishes things off, with a bone shaking bline and cut up vocal hooks guaranteed to test any sound system to the max, but it's not a patch on the superb Dexter mix.

With a total of six mixes over two seperate 12"s, there is always going to be one which has more potential than the other, and with the only real gem on this 12" being the Dexter mix, you would be advised to check out the far superior disc one instead. That being said, be sure to give the Dexter mix a listen whilst you're at it.. you wont be disappointed.

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