Artist: The Collective
Title: Happy
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2004
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Remix

The Collective "Happy"

Out Now on Plastica

The Collective is the latest project from long time Plastic Fantastic family members Kevin Swain and David Snell. Teaming up with vocalist Antonia Lucas once again, 'Happy' sees a move away from the dark tribal sounds that they became known for and turn in a dirty bass fuelled house track that has been turning heads in the sets of the lucky few to have had early copies.

Deep grooves slide us gently into the 'Original Mix', but it's not long before the main hook introduces itself and leads the way. The cool analogue inspired sounds that rise up of the groove bring an hypnotic edge to the track, wave after wave of beats etching a niche in your mind. Add some evocative vocals and warm chords, and we have ourselves one moody dirty house track indeed, with this major evolvement of the duo's sound creating what is without a doubt one of their biggest tracks to date.

If that's not enough the duo rework it on the flip with a big bouncing bassline and layered percussion, minimal tech house style stabs and dark percussive rhythms filling out the groove, and whilst the production is as always solid, it cannot compare to the superb original mix.

A welcome return from Swain, Snell & Lucas, and I for one cannot wait to see what else The Collective has in store for us.

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