Artist: Terry Grant
Title: Komputers Are The Devil
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 May 2006
  • A: Deux Ex Machina Mix
  • B: Hope For The Human Race Mix

Terry Grant "Komputers Are The Devil"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Bedrock Records return with their first release of 2006 with a new single from Tennessee producer Terry Grant. Having made his debut last year with the stunning 'I'll Kill You', he now brings us his follow up for the Bedrock label entitled 'Komputers Are The Devil'.

Ensuring he's not pigeonholed by merely producing a follow up along the lines of his aforementioned debut, 'Komputers Are The Devil' showcases a totally different style and sound from Terry. The 'Deux Ex Machina Mix' is more subliminal than it's b-side counterpart, it's hypnotic 1980's style backing punctuated by a captivating vocal hook.

However, it's the 'Hope For The Human Race Mix' that is the standout on this single, as Terry strips back many of the elements of the initial mix to create a superb 'bassline house' interpretation. The arrangement is more sparse, with some stellar synth and melody progression offset by subtle acid elements, but the bassline really takes this mix to the next level, and will no doubt make it the mix that most DJs will choose to play.

'Komputers Are The Devil' is a worthy addition to the Bedrock imprint, sounding quite unlike anything that people may have come to expect from the label. In these ever changing times, it beckons the question of where the label is heading over the coming months, but building on the foundation set by this single, it's certainly going to be interesting to find out.

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