Artist: Terry Grant Feat Jennifer Horne
Title: I'll Kill You (Luke Chable Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Jason Calvert | 15 July 2005
  • A: Luke Chable Mix
  • B: Luke Chable Dub

Terry Grant Feat Jennifer Horne "I'll Kill You (Luke Chable Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Chable's productions have been favourites of mine since he first came about. Quality production skills, trademark effects, and an overall tight composition is what I've come to expect from him. But tackling a track as rich and massive as "I'll Kill You" is a tough job for even the best. Although not being able to compare to the first disc's mixes, Chable's do have elements to them which deserve high praise.

Taking a darker stance than the other mixes, the Mix builds upon a solid bassline which definately takes control, but in effect places less emphasis on the vocals. As Chable's trademarked effects and sounds build upon eachother, they make for a good peak time version of the track, but the beauty which made the others so outstanding is not as evident anymore. A breakdown in the middle of the track does however give Jennifer Horne's voice the spotlight for a moment, and with the guitar going over the backdrop, this gives a chance to build up to some peak time madness which does work well. Chable has been successful in steering the track in a new direction, which I'm sure would have a large appeal to some, but I tend to miss having the atmosphere of the other mixes being present.

Chable's Dub Mix strips the vocal out completely, for those who may not have warmed to Horne's vocals to begin with. This would also work perfectly for DJs to add their own acapellas over, which could very easily lead to magnificent results. Chable's production qualities are all here on these mixes, and as stand alone tracks they would be quite good. It just so happens that they lie in the shadow of the previous mixes, thus being compared to them. However, these mixes have been receiving some decent play by some big names, so if you enjoyed the first disc as much as I did, it may be worthwhile checking this disc out and forming your own opinion.

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