Artist: Terminalhead
Title: Mind Of Your Own (The Light Mixes)
Label: Kilowatt Recordings
By: Vince Hart | 14 February 2003
  • A: The Light Mix
  • B: The Light Dub

Terminalhead "Mind Of Your Own (The Light Mixes)"

Out Now on Kilowatt Recordings

Terminalhead’s latest “Mind of Your Own” gets remix treatment from the former prog breaks/current pumping progressive duo known as The Light, and is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming 'Weekend Warriors' album.

Featuring a hardly discernible vocoded sample, a disco-stomping beat, and a hypnotic, gritty acid line surely procured from the bowels of the acid house revolution, this is an unrelenting dancefloor stormer. Reverberation, vocal edits (“bet you wish you hadn’t tasted this”), synth effects and chordal stabs dot the aural landscape overhead while the acid riff/bassline combo serves as the backbone and carries this useful DJ tool to fruition. The dub is much of the same (identical in length) with the vocal cut removed (for those who may take offense), and also quite a bit of panning and filtering added for head-tripping measure.

Watch out for forthcoming single 'How Does It Feel', featuring remixes from Dark Globe and Flatline very soon.

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