Artist: Terminalhead
Title: How Does It Feel?
Label: Kilowatt Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 26 February 2003
  • A1: Flatline Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll Mix
  • B1: Dark Globe Mix
  • B2: Original Mix (Edit)

Terminalhead "How Does It Feel?"

Out Now on Kilowatt Recordings

Since becoming the three piece of Pete Marett, Spee, and Lee Groves, Terminalhead have gone from strength to strength, with live shows all around London and further afield, and several terrific singles including 'Beats, Rhymes, Flavour', 'Mind Of Your Own', and this one, the latest, 'How Does It Feel?'.

Something different to start off proceedings as 'Flatline' add their own debaucherous vibe to the 'Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll Mix', working in slowly with a sublime house groove, but soon rocking the speakers with a blend of electronic grooves and guitar riffs. Spee's vocal really adds to the sounds that emit as we drop down momentarily to a low runing sound before analogue beats smash against the rippling guitar for one last heads down solo. One for the moshers.

To keep the breaks fans happy, 'Dark Globe' have been enlisted to bring up the rear, but that does not mean they are second choice, as their deep, delicious breaks mix kicks into action. Keeping it tight, they work the beats and flava to the limit, with loving lashings of distortion denting the breaks as Spee screams over the dark grooves with groaning delight. Filthy as...

The final mix is in fact Terminalhead's 'Original Mix', a full on indie rock crossover track that sounds like Radiohead depressed to the point of being murderous, grungy grooves and angst filled vocals sitting amongst a cascading mindf*ck of electronic blips and beats. In other words, this is well and truely crazy shit.

So there we have it. A pitbull of a single, designed to keep hold of us until the album 'Weekend Warriors' drops in April. Be sure to snap it up when it comes for further shenanigans from the trio.

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